with the friends of hue switch


Smart light switching today works via radio and wirelessly. With the Hidden Socket as a clever switch-socket combination, when retrofitting existing light switches, you can use the free cables for an additional socket and switch your Hue lamps with the Friends of Hue switch. 

A light switch that releases the socket

Der Funkschalter wird mit Push to Open geöffnet

To trigger the mechanical opening assistance, a light pressure is sufficient and the wireless switch moves up automatically. To close, simply press down again into the closed position.

battery-free and maintenance-free

Der Friends of Hue Schalter funktioniert ohne Kabel oder Batterie

The combination of an integrated energy converter and energy-efficient wireless technology enables a wireless switch without batteries and thus without maintenance.

Configure with Hue Bridge and Hue App

Der Funkschalter wird von der Hue Bridge und Hue App erkannt

The Friends of Hue switch on the Hidden Socket is fully compatible with the Philips Hue lighting system.

As a Friends of Hue switch, it is recognized by the Hue Bridge (V2 or higher) via the Hue App (V3.2 or higher) and can be easily integrated into an existing system and individually assigned system functions.

Operate your Hue lamps on keys

Der Bedienen Sie mit diesem Friends of Hue Schalter ihr Hue System

All four keys of the Friends of Hue switch can be configured with functions of the Hue system, e.g. with switching and control functions such as  

  • On/Off switching
  • Dimming
  • Colour change
  • Calling up light scenes

The switch takes over the light control in your smart home. Simple and exactly the way you want it.


Behind almost every light switch there is also a socket. This is especially true for users of the Philips Hue lighting system. Because for Hue, the Hidden Socket with the Friends of Hue switch makes this dual function available as a retrofit on existing light switches. The best thing about it is: the socket gained is discreetly concealed by the Friends of Hue switch and is only visible when in use. For all situations where free placement is important, the Friends of Hue switch is now also available for easy installation and without a socket.

Friends of Hue switch

Friends of Hue Schalter mit Wandmontagerahmen, Art. RS07-00000000

Hidden Socket  type F, with Friends of Hue switch

German Standard

Die Versteckdose Typ F mit Friends of Hue Schalter, Art.VS02-01010000

Hidden Socket type J, with Friends of Hue switch

Swiss Standard

Die Versteckdose Typ J T13 mit Friends of Hue Schalter, Art.VS02-01040000

Hidden Socket type E, with Friends of Hue switch

French Standard

Die Versteckdose Typ E mit Friends of Hue Schalter, Art.VS02-01050000

Hidden Socket type G, with Friends of Hue switch

British Standard

Die Versteckdose Typ G mit Friends of Hue Schalter, Art.VS02-01060000


Consistently avoid competing light switches - that's how it works!

Retrofitting an existing switch with the Friends of Hue switch and gaining a socket

What you need for the installation of the Hidden Socket is usually available with light switches and sockets: they are installed on a flush-mounted socket in which a 230 V power cable is connected. Replacing existing sockets with hidden sockets is even easier - they can be easily exchanged for each other.

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Hidden socket with friends of hue switch

The Friends of Hue Switch offers a light switch that covers the hidden socket and releases it via push-to-open. The Switch has all switching functions of the Hue Tap and is also battery and maintenance free. 

your benefits

sockets at a comfortable height

Using sockets at a comfortable height

In addition to doors, the Hidden Socket can replace an existing light switch in order to use it temporarily at a convenient operating height, e.g. for vacuum cleaning. This operation without bending down is particularly convenient for older people.

Aesthetically covered socket outlet in the living room

Aesthetically covered in the living room

The Hidden Socket is a matter of design. For temporary use, the Hidden Socket can be retrofitted with a socket outlet under the existing light switch. The advantage here is that this socket is discreet and is aesthetically covered by the light switch and only visible if necessary.

Die Steckdose kann durch das Push to Open des Friends of Hue Schalters genutzt werden, zum Beispiel zum Staubsaugen.

The light switch on the bed

In the bedroom it is worth retrofitting a hidden socket light switch on the existing socket if the light is also to be switched comfortably at the bedside.

Child protection in the children's room

To protect children from electric shock, the Hidden Socket can be magnetically locked. The locking function can only be released with the magnetic key from accessories.

The switch-socket combination for the whole house

switch-socket combination for Philips Hue in your Smart home

Housing should be organised in a practical and user-friendly way. This also applies to the electrical installation. It will be user-friendly if, in future, no one will have to differentiate between switch and socket, but if both functions merge into one unit and are always available where they are needed.